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We Provide High Quality Software for your organization as per your Requirements.We share the experince of developing different accounting software,institutional software,attendence system,different library management system software,different managaement information syetem software we posses highly skilled manpower to develop high Quality software as per your Demand Contact us in our address for this very purpose Contact us to order your Your Software . Software makes easier and comfortable our life for any kinds of data related works. Human life has various complexity and tension. So it cannot retain all the process of works and data. As a result people may face dome difficulties and pressure. For you easy access and comfortable life, we produce useful software that provides services as per your choice and requirement. Web Based application has power to provide large scale service that makes you satisfied and secured.Accounting system is one of the best core model for all level user that must be useful for anyone, and we have academic management system web based software. As a result our costumer can feel the different than any other software.

The software development service of our company is designed to monitor expenditure and the centralized & de-centralized buying process. Our company is Nepal's finest software development. We take customer demands and solve their problem. We also work to produce public software.

Easy access deals with the customer's requirement with the updated methods and techniques that can easily meet their need. Our company has the practice of providing the flexible and interactive GUI on every software applications . our company is one of the best software and web development company in Nepal. our company also deals with the wide range of software development including inventory software , revenue collection software, online business registration software , suchi darta software exploring your needs and new components worldwide. Our software developers develops secure and quality of products within the time . we also provide the services like integration, management, quality of testing and advanced solutions consulting with the clients. However our motto is customers satisfaction.

Completed Software Products

ERP Solution

We deliver the complete ERP integrated with various 12+ modules undertaking your complexity with quick, easier and userfriendly with customer satisfaction. The ERP Suite provides the various information, business intelligence and quick information in a short glance.

Survey Management System

We deliver the browser, tablet and mobile based survey management and information solution for household survey required for metro / municipality,VDC, ward office and various institution capturing photograph, geographical information and numerous socio-economic information.

HR Manager

We deliver the complete featured HR Management Solution compatible for all types of institutions covering highly customized features covering recruitement process, contribution informaiton system and evalatuon modules.

Restaurant Management System

The Restaurant Management System provides the quick, easy, userfriendly solution requried for restaurant operation. It faciliates quick and simple user operation to perform the restaurant billing, purchase and inventory stock isntantly.

IRD Billing / Point of Sales (POS)

We deliver the complete POS Solution for automating purchase and sales maintainning purchase and sales books integrating with IRD requirements.