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We also offer Linux based Virtual Private Server which allows you to allocate and manage your own CPU resources and makes you feel like you are using a dedicated server. Our VPS Servers use the best available technology to guarantee you the promised resources. We can also customize our server if you need any additional services. Below is the feature set of our web hosting packages.Security and cost effectiveness of the hosting services are the key elements behind the popularity of its web hosting solutions. In-depth experience has enabled it to efficiently offer web hosting service to its clients. The clients have the privilege to get support from the experts of the company round-the-year.

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Shoutcast Hosting

Bit Rate / Listeners 400 Listeners 800 Listeners 1600 Listeners
32Kbps NPR 18,000/- yearly NPR 30,000/- yearly NPR 60,000/- yearly
64Kbps NPR 30,000/- yearly NPR 60,000/- yearly NPR 105,000/- yearly
128Kbps NPR 55,000/- yearly NPR 105,000/- yearly NPR 1,60,000/- yearly

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